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Your Mindset Can Make or Break

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Your Mindset Can Make or Break

She walked elegantly to the center of the stage. She pulled out a shiny $50 bill from her pocket and popped a question. “Who wants this $50 bill?”

Few hands went up in a room holding about 3,000 students and dumbfounded parents. Elim Chew, founder of 77th St handed the $50 bill to a young lady on the second row.

She went on to say that scenario plays out everyday in the real world. An opportunity presents itself and only a few people with the right mindset benefit from it. How true!

The same thing happens when a disaster strikes. A lot of people may not even bother to take some action. A few with the right mindset may do so and change the outcome.

But what if an organisation moulds more and more of its workforce to develop the right mindset? Would response to incidents not be much easier and more effective?

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines mindset as “a mental inclination, tendency or habit.” In other words, one ‘s mindset is either inclined to do something or not.

I invite you to think about the possibilities for your organisation, if more and more of your staff and trained to have a more resilient mindset that says, “We can turn this around.”

It raises a major question. What does it take to change or shift a mindset? What does it take turn a negative to a positive inclination? Look at the next blogg.