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Your Core Value Statement

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Your Core Value Statement

Some people just get it! They do.

Last Friday, one of my participants in a storytelling class got it. In 90 seconds.
It was at a local Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

I had asked the class to reflect to a problem they faced,
and how that influenced them in deciding their core value statement.

A core value statement without a supporting story,
is like a kite without a rope at launch. It won’t fly! Worse, nobody will remember it.

Don’t make that mistake!

When you review your or create a Core Value Statement, let your employees know
how you arrived at that powerful position. What transpired before you were inspired.

The gentleman said, they ‘d lost a big client. They had over insisted on a
small amount that ended up, souring the whole deal. They client took to the hills.

Ouch. The client never looked back. Big lesson eh?

They hurdled, after wiping off their tears.
They decided to:

“To put their client before their profit motives.”

I said to him, I could not have said it better. He made my day.
Yes, he did.

Now, I am not an expert on profit matters, but do get it.
If they had shown flexibility, they would have saved the deal.

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