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Yesterday ‘s Setback is Tomorrow ‘s Springboards

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Yesterday ‘s Setback is Tomorrow ‘s Springboards

I used to be a firefighter and I fought physical fires in homes, factories and dumpsters. These days, I fight invisible fires: cyber bullying, cyber harassment, cyber Justin Bieber breakup rumors.

The world is changing so fast. First graders now have more cell phones than textbooks. Sixth graders say world of warcraft is cool and science is dead boring! Some third graders are more terrified about Bieber and Selina breakup than their parents’s divorce.

Times have changed so much! The popularity of events is no longer measured by the number of people in attendance. Now it is TPS. Recently Beyonce flaunted her pregnancy bump. She broke the twitter record with 8,686 TPS. Really America, you mean that Jayzee deserves more attention than the millions of Hurricane Irene victims?

Everything is changing fast! While teaching 5th graders last week, I talked about various ways by which we correspond. I talked of email, instant messaging and P. O. Box. One of my students asked me:
What is a P. O. Box?
For the first time in my life, it became clear to me that I had officially become a dinosaur.

Only then, it dawn on me that some of our young kids today do not what is a P.O. Box. Perhaps, they have never received snail mail.

Big Lesson: I must be willing to adapt to those I serve. Do you adapt to those you serve? Our ability to rethink and adapt will enable us to endure. Our intelligence, skill and strength alone will not do that.

That is why I am radically committed to being resilient!
Gideon F. For-mukwai
Radically committed to Resiliency