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Yammer Can Make or Break

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Yammer Can Make or Break

Imagine you are a new auditor at a company with thousands of employees. You have a challenge in using a new software to audit a client. With little experience, what do you do as you ‘re getting settled? Call your boss or call the help desk?

Years ago, those were your options. Today, you can yammer about your challenge.

Yammer is the perfect place for you to whine internally ie cry out loud on the “professional shoulder” of your colleagues. Lets say, you whine, “OMG, this audit system is killing me. I’ve got Monday migraines! If the stars are lined up for you, a more experienced colleague may see your post and help you out.

Welcome to the world of informal learning, facilitated by enterprise social networks such as Yammer.

It is my assessment that Yammer ‘s capabilities are vastly under estimated. Its value proposition, attributes and benefits are pretty exciting to me. Too bad, not many bloggers are talking about the importance of enterprise social networks like Yammer.

In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t work for them. No desire to be connected to them, but I have observed from a distance, based on patches of research that they are indeed helping many Fortune 500 companies in leveraging the power internal engagement.

Yammer launched in 2008. Now it has over 80% of all fortune 500 companies. That for 4-year old “todler,” that pretty amazing eh? Born as a micro-blogging service, now it is a enterprise social network. It is the enterprise equivalent of Facebook.

With Yammer, employees can talk back and forth. Talk serious and the less serious issues that build espirit de corps. In the mix of such social clatter, new relationships are forged. Bureaucratic cubicles are broken. A recent employee can help from experienced hands.

Yammer is a modern day “water-cooler or pantry”. It is an ‘e-hangout’ where you can drop by to check the temperature of the house. It does not happen everyday, but sometimes, it can play many roles: therapeutic, catalytic, civic corner and so on.

In the case of Deloitte Australia, the company used Yammer to leverage innovation. Case in point, – sourcing for new marketing tagline. Within 24 hours, they obtained over 1400 suggestions. This enabled them to do away with expensive paper work and paying a marketing agency to source a tagline externally.

Here are other benefits of Yammer:

development of a cohesive community,

easier dissemination of ideas,

great productivity tool for fresh,

break down silos through fusion of minds.