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XtraMile Safe Campus Blog

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XtraMile Safe Campus Blog


Safety on campuses

The focus of our blog henceforth will be on campus safety issues. Through this blog, we intend to capture the challenges and opportunities that come with campus safety issues.

Our focus will be University of Nevada, Reno and other affiliated institutions that are part of the University of Nevada System of Higher Education. 

This blog will go to great lengths to listen to students and authorities what can be done to make our college and school campuses as safe as possible. We will listen to students to understand their fears and exasperations as well as to authorities to learn what are their concerns.


 Our mission at XtraMile Emergency Solutions is to promote safety on college and school campuses through a    bottom up approach.

 We Believe: 

We believe that when campuses are safe, the nation and the world is safer because schools and college campuses are the epicenters of knowledge and all great revolutions whether peaceful or violent. 


  XtraMille Emergency Solutions will accomplish its mission through the provision of information, resources and the promotion of dialogue with students and authorities.

Specific Steps:

  • Write a weekly blog “XtraMile Safe Campus” that addresses issues of campus safety 
  • Conduct seminars that focus on providing information to students on how to stay safe 
  • Regularly engage and listen to students through interviews, debates and safety forums
Our Approach:
  • Encourage the use of social media in reaching out to students before, during and after crisis
  • Encourage dialogue between authorities and students and their leadership on safety issues
  • Encourage the involvement all internal and external stakeholders in campus safety issues