Tell to Triumph: 4 Ways to Tell Breathtaking Business Stories That Sell

Smart leaders and professionals are increasingly adopting storytelling as a strategic tool for employee and customer engagement. Do you want to be likable and credible without undermining your ability to generate more buzz, leads and business?

Emerging research from neuroscience and social psychology indicates that the human mind craves compelling stories. Captivating stories enable you to relatable and memorable?

With this program, you can pick tools, techniques and strategies for growing your business with the hidden power of narratives.

What You “ll Learn:

  • 4 types of business stories SMEs must tell to generate buzz
  • 30-Day Story Sourcing Guide to identify captivating business stories
  • How to make your stories sticky by infusing elements of neuroscience
  • Adding humor to your stories to inspire and uplift prospects
  • Story Coaching Clinic: Getting feedback

How This Program Benefits You

  • Increase buzz about your business, lead generation and build trust with your prospects and customers

Target Audience:

  • Leadership conferences for managers, leaders, executives, and supervisors and entrepreneurs


Unsung Heroes Program: Harnessing The Power of a Team

This is an entertaining and interactive storytelling program aimed at celebrating our everyday unsung heroes who have shaped our lives. The heroes could be family members, work colleagues or total strangers.

Unsung heroes don’t have to be famous, their common characteristic is that they choose to do extraordinary things in circumstances where others choose to shy away from doing what is right.

The program highlights unsung heroes from across several countries and continents. Both the facilitator take turns in sharing about the big lessons learned from their heroes and how they will transmit these values to others.

Target Audience:

Public libraries,

Community events,

Service Clubs

Corporate retreats


How This program Benefits You

  • Community bonding
  • Re-emphasise core values
  • Pay tribute to everyday heroes
  • Recognition generate goodwill in the workplace