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Several years ago, I learned your word is bond. A few weeks back I learned your word is your brand, thanks to Daymond John, FUBU entrepreneur on the The Shark Tank.

I just finished reading Daymond ‘s book. It captures John ‘s ideas about branding – we are all brands from the time we are born. In his case, he has gone from birth to the boardroom. What about you?

One thing stood out for me- Mr. John kept his word to a friend, even when he was uncomfortable. To me, that was the measure of a man! I want to be like that. Stick to your word at the risk of missing a fine opportunity.

John was approached to appear on the Shark Tank. One catch. He could not appear on any other concurrent Tv program. Prior to that, he had already started agreed to do appearances for Khloe Kadashian on the Kadashians show.

Though it was not a cash cow appearance, he was not going to back on his word. He did not. This begs the question, how did he end up on the the Shark Tank eventually? Quick answer. It took extra negotiations and Khloe ‘s blessing.

For someone who grew up near the epicenter of capitalism ‘s HQ, I respect Mr. John. It is easy to fall for the trappings of wealth and fame. Can it last? Is that what it is all about?

Lesson from Daymond John is simple: word=bond=brand.