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wikileaks is no weak link

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wikileaks is no weak link

here are my thoughts on fire, regarding the wikileaks debate. i believe we have not seen the end yet. basically, these are my 5 postulations on what i see unfolding.

#1 wikileaks is a game changer

whatever happens to julian assange, wikileaks has broken new ground. it has turned on a megawatt spotlight onto diplomacy and secrecy. sooner or later, other unknown stars in the social media universe will attempt to use similar methods to bask in the limelight at the expense of asymmetric forces.

#2 a sign of the times

wikileaks is a social media baby. like his fellow cousin twitter, wikileaks is doing to US, what twitter did to the government of Iran. it is an indication that social media is coming of age; as volatile as you ‘d expect of any tween or teen. in essence, wikileaks is trumpeting to the world that social media is a force to reckon with, and that it is here to stay. this has set a precedence for other fire eaters in social media.

#3 an acid test for western democracy

believe me, china, cuba and singapore are watching and perhaps laughing out loud. i am sure they will make a mockery of what US and western governments do. they will be curious to see how US handles this issues and at the same time be the champion of free speech. it is also a test of the first amendment.

#4 citizen journalism at work, at best

by breaking stories that the mainstream media dread to touch, wikileaks is essentially seizing the torch from the mass media. in a subtle but defining way, wikileaks is declaring the power of armatures. this could be a manifesto to the public that if professionals in mass media turn a blind eye to burning issues, armatures are ready to take over and steer the ship in the direction of the light house.

#5 a wake up call

on a very positive note, it exposes some of dirty secrets that could make or mar dictators. it also reminds dictators in africa of what happened in the kenyan elections in which wikileaks documents appeared to changed the outcome. not only is it a tectonic shift in the balance of power in favor of the masses, it is also a wake up call to governments everywhere to clean up their act.