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Why You Need to Know About The Pratfall Effect

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Why You Need to Know About The Pratfall Effect

The Pratfall Effect will help you make more friends, fans and followers
It will help you attract more customers to your cause or business
You can say it is a shortcut to engage and connect with others

So what is the Pratfall Effect?
It simply says, your likability will increase
If you are not perceived as perfect.

Why is it important today?
Because most people comes across as unblemished.
By so doing, they disengage, instead of attracting others to them.

This explains why people are drawn to flawed characters.
It also underscores why people give others a second chance.
And yes, it explains why I like Yoda, not withstanding his diminutive physical features.

For this reason, I ‘d say, don’t pretend or cover up when you fall or trip over
One example, I failed my practical driving license test 3 times!
Twice in Singapore and once in USA. Ouch!

How to Apply The Pratfall Effect?
If you tell a personal story, don’t be the hero of your story
If you tell a brand story, don’t be the hero, let you customers be the hero
Don’t make your brand the hero, let it be your customer.

3 Reasons Why the Pratfall Effect Matters
It humanizes you and your brand
It shows humility and sincerity, both are powerful values
It makes you more approachable and relatable to the average person.