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When Detroit Sneezes, Windsor Catches a Cold

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When Detroit Sneezes, Windsor Catches a Cold

IMG_0164Life is a Tale
Have you ever suffered from a cold?
A cold transmitted by your spouse or child?
Or a cold by the very winds of proximity
Detroit and Windsor, is a tale of two cities.

One is very American in all its shades,
The other is quintessentially Canadian.
One is one of the most violent in USA
The other is Canada ‘s most safe city.

It is a mild and chilly June morning in Windsor, ON, Canada
On the banks of the Detroit River the air feels fresh and crisp,
Am catching my first glimpse of Detroit ‘s Riverfront across
A storied river that separates Canada from the United States

With fresh eyes of a pilgrim I search,
Soaking in all the sights and sounds,
Runners, skaters, bikers and walkers
All around me, busy doing their thing.

History tells me, back in the good old days
When Detroit roared with music and cars
Windsor echoed and soared to the oomph
T’was a love affair, a match made in heaven.

But when Detroit filed for her bankruptcy
It sent a cold chill down Windsor ’s spine
Manufacturing jobs and American tourists
Were gone. It was dark and dry to the ilk

In 1916, Michigan banned alcohol
Windsor smuggled it underground
Bad boy Windsor tormented Detroit
But those days are gone and done

A Lesson for Us
This is not a tale of two cities
It is a tale of life in all its faces
In all seasons, climates or rain
We must relate and respect

Because what binds us together,
Is greater than what holds us apart.
When you sneeze, I catch a cold.
When I sneeze, you catch it too.

But never let proximity to mask
Your good sense of goodwill
Its why Detroit is broke & bankrupt
But Windsor is sick but not broken