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Washoe County Becoming Epicenter of Swine Flu in Nevada

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Washoe County Becoming Epicenter of Swine Flu in Nevada

With latest reports of new cases of swine flu confirmed in Washoe County, our county is apparently the epicenter of this disease in Nevada. Reno Gazette Journal reported this morning that there are 20 confirmed cases with over 50% at Mendive Middle School in the City of Sparks. 

washoe-county-nevada1This raises new questions about what local authorities are doing to curb this flu. Is Washoe County School District in collaboration with Washoe County Health District doing enough in handling this issue in our county?

  • Are the school and health districts doing enough to curb the spread?
  • Are the authorities acting or reacting to the situation?
  • What else are they doing to prevent a further worsening of the situation?
  • Are the authorities complacent or issues unattended to?

Weeks ago, when the authorities refused to close down the pre-school that had the first case of H1N1 in Washoe County, I was very troubled because they missed a huge opportunity to restore public confidence. Their refusal to close down that school, troubled me because when I lived through SARS in Singapore  the situation was different. Before the peak of the dissease, the government closed down all schools just to restore confidence, not withstanding the fact that not all schools had SARS cases.

If you can leave me your point or a question on this matter, I will seek an interview with the authorities to dig to the bottom of this matter.

Gideon F. For-mukwai, CEM

Reno ‘s Premiere Emergency Management Blogger