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Volunteering is a Well-Kept Strategy to Landing a Job

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Volunteering is a Well-Kept Strategy to Landing a Job

Each time I have volunteered my time and effort, I have often gone away feeling very fulfilled. If nothing else, I have gone away with invaluable relationships. Have you?

I call this strategy, the serve others first strategy. It is very simple, yet very powerful. It has opened up opportunities for many people that I know.

I wish could take credit that I invented this strategy. Too bad, it has been around for as long as man has lived. It is a timeless strategy that continues to be useful.

In 2010, I benefited from this strategy! After leaving graduate school in December 2009, I hunted for jobs like crazy. Trice, I was in the final three candidates and trice failed!

To keep myself busy, I worked nights at a micro chips factory and in the day, I sold my training services. Business was good, but sporadic. It was not as stable as I ‘d hoped.

One spring morning, I got a call from a lady. She introduced herself as the Human Resources Director at the Boys & Girls Club (BGC). Aww, I did not know her!

Have you ever been so embarrassed when somebody says they know you but you did not know them well enough to say yes? That is how I felt. I searched my mind frantically.

She was kind enough to allay my fears by saying that last year she was a participant at one of seminars at Lee Hetcht Harrison. Do you recall giving a talk there? Oh yes! I did!

After a brief conversation, she told me that she had kept my contact since 2009 prior to getting the BGC job. She said BGC had an opportunity, she wanted me to consider.

I said, “I ‘d be glad to learn more about it.” After two days, I drove over to her office and met the operations director. He asked me to submit some proposals to train. I did.

Later, it turned out they had a one year grant-funded position for me. They asked if I ‘d be keen to run the project for them as staff? What do you think I did? It worked out well.

I agreed to run the project and it has kept me busy doing what I love- training and speaking on a topic that I care about. So what is the connection to volunteering?

Turns out, even with the rigors of graduate school, I kept volunteering my time to help others. I conducted several free social media presentations across the US.

The presentation at which I met that the HR director was done with no expectation of a specific benefit. A year later, it gave me an ideal job without all the merciless scrutiny.

Zig Ziglar once said, “If you just help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.” Who are you willing to help today? That could be a key for you.

Tough as this recession may be, I must say, please do not neglect volunteering. I fervently believe it is one of the most well-kept open secret strategies you can use.