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Vantage Point e-Newsletter

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Vantage Point e-Newsletter

“A Spartan soldier dies but never surrenders.” I first heard this quote in 5th grade. This quote from thousands of years ago, inspired me to develop persistence and resilience. I believe, my mother has been one heck of a Spartan soldier. She never gave up on me. Who has been your own Spartan soldier? Who refused to surrender when you were down?

A Spartan soldier looks beyond a storm. In other words, a Spartan soldier has great foresight based on their vantage understanding (point) or insights about the future. They see the bigger picture that you can’t see. Because they have the benefit of hindsight, they can connect dots that you can’t connect. Whose insight and vantage point have you benefited from?

In a way, we are all soldiers. We do fight different types of battles. Along the way, we learn powerful lessons that we can share with friends, family and fans. Each day, we have something that we can share with others. Are you willing to share your vantage ideas with others? Are you willing to be a Spartan soldier?

As Spartan soldiers, we must tell our own stories, share our own insights and help others see their own bigger picture. If we don’t share what we have learned along our journey, nobody will. Nobody wins. That is a tragedy. That means we failed to live like Spartans soldiers did. We failed to fight, without surrender.

Vantage Point e-newsletter was founded to share ideas, stories and insights to empower, inspire you as you strive forward on your journey in life. Vantage Point wants to be your fellow soldier so that you can be a Spartan soldier voice to those that look up to you. Together, we must develop the mindset of Spartan soldiers.