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Use the Power of Episodic and Hippocampal Memory in Presentations

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Use the Power of Episodic and Hippocampal Memory in Presentations

hippocampusRecently, I went jogging on my usual path beside Upper Jurong Road, in Singapore.

It is a path I have used for over 14 years. On this recent noonday, I was half a second away from stepping on a greenish snake.

OMG, it was the scariest thing!


Terrified and fear-stricken, somehow I managed to step away, just before my leg landed on its head.

Then sped off like an Olympic sprinter. In the 20 seconds that followed, even the 100M world champion Usain Bolt could catch me.


I was barely 15 meters away from the back entrance into SAFTI Military Academy.

When I finished breathing, I went back and started throwing stones at the spot where I encountered the snake.


Ever since that incident happened, every single day as I approach that location, my amygdala, (the super sharp gatekeeper)

reminds me about it. That is a classic case of episodic memory, generated based on a real incident, place and time.


Stories from your episodic memory can go a long way, they fully engage an audience.

If you can re-enact what happened, they will relive that moment with you.


That is real. That is episodic memory, driven by amygdala. But you can also use a fictional story to inform and influence.

With it, you can take your audience to a scary place, let them experience it just like I experienced the snake.


That is hippocampal memory. Just as equally powerful. You can use it in product pitches, in teaching sciences.

Use it wisely. Use it to create a better world.


You can use this in the design of your presentations… Do you get the point?