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Triple Your Lead Generation With Storytelling:10 Lessons for SMEs

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Triple Your Lead Generation With Storytelling:10 Lessons for SMEs

Do you own or run a small business (SME)? Are you an entrepreneur? This is for you. Effective storytelling is not fluff.  It creates awareness and buzz  about you. When you do it well, you can increase your sales by over 301%.  That ’s what Aria Resort did in Las Vegas. The year was 2009!


Here is why I like this example so much. It is NOT easy to stand out in glittering Las Vegas. Every casino uses all their “magic tricks and glittering neon lights to gain attention. Indescribable what they are capable of doing to get your attention. The good, the bad and the immoral.


In the midst of all that, Aria Resort espoused good old storytelling, especially online. Without breaking the bank, outside PR consultants, and advertisements they managed to stage a storytelling-based campaign that got them smiling to the bank. I have many similar examples.


10 Storytelling Lessons for SMEs with Shoestring Budgets for Marketing.

1.  Start with a Theme: A theme gives you focus around which to hoist your messages and stories.  As a new resort, Aria made a bold claim to fame – “The Center of Vegas has Shifted.” That invited a lot of questions. Which center? Why has it changed?


2.  Use a Hook(s): A hook enables you to draw in the readers into your message. Keep it inviting and relevant. They trumpeted the fact that they had a top quality Japanese restaurant with a Head Chef owns the first Japanese restaurant in US to earn 3-star Michelin rating.


3. Reveal Unique Facts: Such facts make for very interesting reading and also serves as social currency or conversation starters. Here is one of the dozen facts that Aria capitalized on to gain attention and drive sales. The said their Chinese restaurant “Blossom” was quiet, and had intimate  booths. For the noise averse like me, that is superb catch.


4.  Share Differentiators: Differentiators help customers see you as different. Every business has differentiators. Unfortunately not every business communicates them.  Aria said for example, “Our fish is not out of water more than 24 hours before it is on your plate.”


5. Paint pictures and Create Imagery: They shot photos that were “cool, fun and quick.”  These were shared online mainly via Facebook and Twitter. Instead of telling only, they also showed. the pictures to complement the stories about cool slot machines as wide as Tv screens.


6.  Share Mini Stories: The mini-stories about events, incidents and things happening in and around the facility. Fascinating stories were shared on Facebook and Twitter. This earned them 670, 000 friends on Facebook and 134 000 on Twitter. These numbers were an indication of clout.


7.  Tagline & Hashtags:  In social media, both the tagline and hashtags help in the search and classification. of information. This allowed them to aggregate, share, curate and re-share for with their fans and followers. It also made for easier reference for their customers.


8.  Focus on Awareness, not Bookings: To be conservative, put the focus of a campaign on creating awareness. Favorable awareness  generates buzz and buzz inevitably leads to enquiries (leads) and bookings or sales. When word of mouth takes over, you are good.


9.  Be Creative – Use Creative Angles: From the kitchen to the bar, to the showroom, Aria sought to show things differently. By sharing quirky facts about their food preparation practices of only cooking fresh fish, they entered penetrated the hearts of healthy eaters.


10.  Share across the Board: Aria made it a point as far as possible to share information across various social media platforms as opposed to traditional advertisement media with often forbidding cost. This helped them in that, some articles with the theme tagline, “#The Center” were shared over 4 times. That is resonance, it seldom happens in old advertisement.


The simplicity of this campaign shows, storytelling. on a shoestring budget can drive sales.  Finding a theme, tag-lines, taking pictures, posting and sharing insightful mini stories is not all that impossible to do.  I believe most of the ideas are doable, even by smaller companies without bug budgets, that is the reason I have shared it.

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