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Tortuous Journey to Amazon Bestseller

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Tortuous Journey to Amazon Bestseller

SSS Cover_FotorMy journey from lost in the cloud to-
Amazon bestseller was very trying
Along the indie trail for which I paid
A heavy price; bruised and broken

To my producer, I send the kudos
To my supporters like you all
I doff my hat and bow to you
And applaud your faith in me

Each day the wall seemed steeper
The bricks were falling wide apart
My vision was cloudy and veiled
The winds were too strong but..

Alas on 29 May we turned
The corner from obscure to
#1 in public speaking
And communication

I could not ask for more
But humbled by the journey
From lost in the cloud
To the mountaintop

Never say never again
Launch your ship
Raise your sail
Defy the odds!

To order your copy

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