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The Unstoppable Cristin Ang – Meet a Servant Leader in Action

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The Unstoppable Cristin Ang – Meet a Servant Leader in Action

Recently, I met a servant leader whose energy and vibrance shone like moonlight on a dark night.

She ’s a ball of fire, with a heart of gold for team. Don’t mess with Cristin Ang!

From helping a 12 year old to nudging a senior citizen, from coaching an entrepreneur to training a business owner, she exemplified a servant leader in action. She has no airs or errs, no room for being uptight or stuffy for a minute. Its all about service, and serving her team.

She does not hesitate to grab a hammer with a smile or to pry open the toolbox, to pull the curtain, arrange the chairs, fix the light bulb, serve the drinks, pay the bills at the same time gets everyone to LOL while she takes selfies and wefies.

Servant leaders like Cristin are very rare today. They are like endangered species. Her energy and authenticity are simply uncontainable, contagious and infectious.

BTW, she loves to break silly rules that stand in the way of her work.
She tough, but not rough, she fast, but does not mask anything.
She reminds me of what leadership is supposed to be,
Of what I should be when I grow up.

I think Cristin is ONE, IN A MILLION