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The Titanium Rule of People Connection

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The Titanium Rule of People Connection

titaniumThe golden rule says, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  In a multi-cultural world, the golden rule is not enough.


It sounds very wholesome, but George Bernard Shaw in his witty wisdom cautions us,

“Do not do unto others as you would they do unto you because their taste may not be the same.”


Shaw has a point. The golden rule assumes that we are all the same. We are similar, but we are not the same, culturally. Connecting deeper in a Western setting is obviously different from Eastern setting.


We tend to have different cultural references, norms and expectations.  Even as individuals,  we do.  This is where the Titanium Rule comes to your rescue.


Claire Raines refers to the Titanium Rules as, “Do unto others, according to their druthers.”


If you want to connect deeper with people of different backgrounds, be willing to “tune into the other individual ‘s preferences.” Even at individual level, we have unique preferences.


To connect deeper with an individual, learn about their “druthers.” Are they straightforward or diplomatic, boisterous or withdrawn, casual or formal, leisurely or focused, spontaneous or disciplined.


Telltale signs about the individual:

  • dress,
  • mannerisms,
  • cluttered desk, and
  • weather talk before work or work before weather chat