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The Pumpkin Business Strategy

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The Pumpkin Business Strategy

pumpkinHalloween is here.

How about a pumpkin business strategy from Africa?

Back in the 1970s, my Mom won a state agricultural, “agric show” award
It was an award for growing the biggest pumpkin exhibited that year

For a subsistent farmer who did not use fertilizers, it was big deal
The award earned her a lot of admiration from other villagers

On many instances, other farmers came to seek her advice.
To each, the chirpy and quirky widow narrated a pumpkin tale
About an angry pumpkin farmer who died and went to heaven.

Upon entering the gates of heaven, the angry farmer started cursing angrily
“For years, I God has not given me a good pumpkin harvest. God is so unfair!”

An angel replied to the angry pumpkin farmer:
“After a brief tour of our facility, you ‘d find out why did not have a good harvest.”

Off they went—

At the first stop, the angel said, “Mr. Angry Pumpkin Farmer, this is Station A.
Here, all daily requests from pumpkin farmers are received, sorted and classified.”
“Hmm. That ’s a very busy office for daily requests,” the farmer remarked.

At the second stop, the angel said, “Mr. Angry Pumpkin Farmer, this is Station P”
Here, all requests approved by God are delivered to pumpkin farmers on earth.”
“Hmm. That’s a very busy office for daily approvals.”

At the last station,  the angel said, “Mr Angry Pumpkin Farmer, this is Station G.
“Here all Thank You Letters from pumpkin farmers are classified,” the angel said.
“Why is she sleeping on the job? She looks lonely!” the farmer exclaimed.
“No, it is not her fault, she is so bored?” the angel replied.
“See, her tray is empty! Most farmer seldom send thanks for last year’s harvest!”

At that moment, it dawn on the farmer,
“Where there is Gratefulness, there is abundant pumpkin harvest.”

Each time I recall this story from way back, I feel guilty I don’t express enough thanks.
To all my patrons. Do you always express gratefulness to your customers?

Am afraid, very often, we are not different from that pumpkin farmer.
Whatever you do, remember this- When you ‘re grateful, your harvest is bountiful!