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The Power of Purpose

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The Power of Purpose

purpose signThere is nothing as liberating as finding your purpose and living it!

To me, your purpose is a manifestation of your core values and beliefs. Quite often in life, we settle for the good, instead of the great.  When this happens, you undermine your own purpose in life.

Everyday, I am seeking to refine and perfect my love affaire for what I consider my purpose. It gives me the utmost ability to think, create, connect, and reach and feel my resonance with those I meet on my journey. Does it make rich? NO! I live for it.  Finding and sharing knowledge. It takes like 15 hours of work daily. Its a labour of love!

Recently, I stumbled on Adam Leipzig ‘s 5 questions about purpose.  I was elated to know that that though we use different metaphors, but we are very much seeking to perfect and x-ray the same  issues.

When you listen, observe and analyse the echo of your voice,  you can tell if your resonance was in harmony ie symphony or cacophony with those around you.

That Resonance Forms the Basis of what I call the Resonance Advantage Test (RAT) which helps you analyse your purpose and how you can best resonate with your environment.

1. Personal ambition (Internal compass)

  • What do you want to do with your life? What can you offer that is unique?

2. Passion (Deep energy) 

  • What makes you to come alive? What makes you proud?

3. People (The people around you)

  • Who are the people that cherish you, for you?

4. Paucity (Their Tribulations)

  • What need can you fill with your special gift?

5. Possibilities (Opportunities arising)

  • Who else needs your special gifts?

Check out Adam Leipzig ‘s talk at TED on a related topic.