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The Power of Preparation

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The Power of Preparation

Preparation gives you an edge over those who are not prepared. It is that simple. It means you ‘ve had the benefit of thinking things through: the good, the bad, the and the ugly and how to overcome them.

It also means you ‘ve explored the odds, the opportunities and the options you can use to reach a goal. Without preparation or orchestration, you have no vantage point over your adversaries.

Having talent is not enough. Talent must be combined with concerted orchestration and preparation to yield outstanding results.  Some call it nurture. I call it preparation or orchestration.  This lends itself to the essence of winning in a highly competitive world. With preparation, you can become an olympian, a professional or a pumpkin farmer like my mother was. She taught all I know.

So what does EDGE stand for and what advantages does it offer to those who have chosen to put in the time, the perspiration and inspiration? It means:

Enlist – all forces and faculties

Driven – design possibilities

Grounded – goals and direction

Enduring – against all odds