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The Delphi Method

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The Delphi Method

Assume a major disaster (earthquake) happens and you are unable to get all your experts in one place? How would you get them together to get the benefit of their technical expertise to recover?

Perhaps, the Delphi Method may save your day! It is a virtual system fo group decision-making. It enables members to vote on the solutions for real problems generated by a group facilitator.

Key Elements:
Real time. All the problems are real and not hypothetical. This means that when a member votes, they must be aware of the consequences of their votes.
Voting and scaling. The scaling is determined by a simple summation that indicates where the decision is headed. Members can change their votes.

Problem Generator – identify existing problems and highlight them
Solution Generator – identify alternative courses of action and what to do
Discussion Forum – each solution has discussion on merits and demerits
Voting – open to members and members are free to change their minds
Feedback – this summarises a group ‘s decision.

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