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The 6 Secrets of Brand Storytelling

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The 6 Secrets of Brand Storytelling

binocularsBrands at work. Don’t regret it when you fall head over shoulders. Don’t blame them. Blame yourself for standing close by and listening to them unleash their magic on you. Beware!


Did I say magic? No. Its not magic. It is just stories. Stories by the way, have the same impact as magic on the human mind. They mesmerize. They caress, relax, educate, entertain. Beware!


Here is how brands unleash the magic of stories on you. Guess what? We are their willing victims.By virtue of our neurological design, we are organisms that love to make sense of our mystical world with stories. Beware!


Brands take advantage of this inherent brain bugs or flaws in selling products and services we don’t necessarily need. They do this by using the following 6 metaphors that are well-guarded. Beware!


Secret Binoculars
Brands use stories like secret binoculars draw you in. They enable you to take a closer look at a distant and beautiful place. At best, binoculars draw the images closer to you. In the course of doing so, they also skew things up a bit, in their favor. Yes, they do that with frames.


Embedded Social Lubricant
Brands use stories as an embedded social lubricant, that lubricates social conversations. In other words, stories are the oil that removes dust and rust from moving parts. Without stories, the conversations become dry, creaky and not palatable the audience. You and me.


Currency of Transmission
Most stories also serve as a currency of social transmission. That is why brands use them to get us talking sharing with friends and family. Did you see that crazy chimp commercial? Did you see the new old spice commercial? Its hilarious… Stories help us talk and remember complexities.


Relief Valve
Brands also use stories as relief valve to release pressure. They make us laugh during stressful situations. Such relief and release is the stuff of life on earth with too much pressure build up. Thus, this is like social medicine for individuals in such suffocating issues like raising teens.


Edutainment Rides
Brands also use stories to educate and entertain for a fee. DisneyWorld and many other theme parks have been exploiting this element of storytelling for long time. This helps the young and old to bond, rejuvenate and strengthen common memories.


Trojan Horse
Stories are like trojan horses dislodged under the cover of darkness into an enemy territory. When the enemy to falls asleep, the trojan wakes up and overpowers the enemy. Brands use stories to plant and nurture ideas for their benefits. Beware!