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the 5 fires everyone must fight

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the 5 fires everyone must fight

are you a leader? whether you are a leader or not, i bet you have some fires to fight. in life, we are all firefighters. the sooner you grasp this concept of firefighting, the better for you. regardless of what you do, you ‘ve got some fires waiting for you.

are you aware of five types of fires that you may have to fight sooner or later? managing or leading in a time of crisis is like fighting a fire. you don’t have enough time to think and you have limited resources to work with.

firefighting requires a leader to have foresight, hindsight,  and insight. It also takes decisiveness, courage and the ability to inform, influence and inspire collaborators or followers to take desirable action(s).

situational fires

these type of ‘fires’ are generally smaller and often arise from a variety of operational situations. such fires can grow out of control if they are not extinguished promptly. examples include- road traffic accident or factory injury.

physical fires

such ‘fires’ leave physical signs of destruction, for  example: a sudden building collapse, an electrical fire within the office building or minor hurricane damage to the building. examples include- pantry fire or building collapse.

catastrophic fires

catastrophic fires are massive ‘fires’ that can cause the shut down of your business for days, weeks or months. these type of fires can cause significant disruption of business. examples include- earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis etc.

systemic fires

systemic ‘fires’ result from a significant failure in major components of a system. when critical units of a system fail or malfunction, they create unprecedented and unsustainable stress which can undermine the entire system. examples include an economic depression, massive product recalls, unsustainable spike in crime etc.

psychological fires

psychological ‘fires’ are fires that take a great toll on the human mind. such fires could result from conflicts at work involving hostile take-overs, downsizing decisions, contraction of markets and so on. examples are: downsizing, hostile takeover, divorce, loss of family member.