“Gideon For-mukwai is a master storyteller whose diverse life experiences provide the perfect ingredients for him in telling, teaching and inspiring.”

Editor, The Upper Left Edge , Chairman Tolovana Arts Colony, Cannon Beach

“Gideon ‘s presentation for entrepreneurs and start ups at 1MCups was very insightful and inspiring. It gave our members lots of new ideas2C tools and techniques to craft and use stories in building magnetic brands.

I believe Gideon’s message is very relevant for business people and entrepreneurs striving to grow in new and existing markets.”

Dave Barcos,, Program Director 1MCups, Portland

“As a Wedding Entertainment Director, I have found your story selling book very handy. Your book has given me many new insights and your story audit session has also given me new ways to beef up my back-story to connect better with newly engaged couples in need of my entertainment service. Keep telling!”

Ron Ruth, Founder and Director, Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment, Blue Springs, Missouri

The quality and content of your program was the perfect beginning to our annual event.

Jason Lietz, Workforce Central Florida Community Outreach Manager, Florida, USA

Your talk at the International Association of Emergency Managers’ annual meeting provided timely and valuable information by a knowledgeable and excellent speaker.

Vincent Rodriguez, MD, San Clemente, California, USA

“Gideon’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the work was inspiring. I was so impressed with how he carried us along with his stories and each story illustrated the science behind storytelling. By the end of the session, I felt we had a good handle on the elements we needed to tell our story in an attention grabbing and impactful way.

We learned how to be informative and illustrative from two words to the whole story, the start of the journey, our turning point and the triumph in the end. I could see and feel the attendees all leaving with excitement for this new tool and eager to use this resource for supporting their work going forward.”

Tonisha A. Toler, Community Liaison, RACC, Portland Oregon