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Strategic Business Storytelling

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Strategic Business Storytelling

Everyday, business leaders are using stories to communicate important messages.

They use stories to make their point(s) clearer to both technical and non-technical audiences.

A story with a Point, points to a new vision. Used strategically, this is a powerful tool for persuasion. Persuasion is vital in creating cohesion, thereby boosting productivity.

#1. Peculiar example
A peculiar story is one that is unique and it draws a listener ‘s attention. This gives you a very effective way of engaging, connecting and communicating important information with your audience.

Anecdotes are very suited for this. Do you have a repertoire of short stories you can use to gain your audience ‘s attention?

2. Offer a new Vision
For thousands of years, leaders have used stories to sell a better future. The bible is full of such stories. From Jesus to Ghandi, Luther King to Mandela, these leaders have used springboard stories to sell their vision of the future to their followers.

3. Inspire action
Sometimes when the stakes are high, leaders use stories to rally their troops to take action. This gives them a platform to lay down guiding principles, as they inspire their followers into action. They can do this by using minerva or credibility stories.

4. Negotiate a new identity
When leaders come under fire, very often, they reframe the conversation by using stories to illustrate a different facet of their lives.

When they do this effectively, they regain control of their public identify. To accomplish this, leaders can use crucible stories.

5. Take ‘em on a journey
Life offers many lessons and transformations that are worth sharing, however, very few leaders do this.

Life ‘s lessons are unique for everyone. Thus, they provide an opportunity for you to define yourself or your company uniquely in the marketplace.

To demonstrate change, crucible or transcendental stories are very effective at this.