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Stop Selling and Start Sharing Your Story

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Stop Selling and Start Sharing Your Story

Do you like pushy salesmen? I prefer someone who gives me space to make up my mind. It allows me to reflect. That is very respectful. What about you?

Besides being subtle and gentle, it allows you to share your Point of View (POV) in a non-invasive way. That is a beautiful thing. Why is that powerful, you may ask? To me, every POV is different and unique.

The next time you have to sell something, step back and find a compelling story. Share it as an experience by highlighting your POV and the key point of your story (POS). The POV frames the discussion and POS tames the conversion.

1. Signify and Symbolise
This means you paint a picture with a metaphor or a symbol that is desirable. You can’t paint a great picture unless you have great ideas, experiences and tools. That is why sharing is better than selling.

2. Hitch the High Road
This is noble and respectful of the other person ’s own values. Don’t coerce or diminish others. Share yours. Give an example of a time you took the highroad. The high road takes you beyond the crossroads.

3. Abate and Allay
With a good story, you can reduce tension and come clean of the past. This enables you to mitigate any bad air that engenders resentment. By abating turmoil, you alleviate the tensions.

4. Redress to Reform
You can rekindle a soured relationship by sharing a story that sows new seeds. This conjure a new beginning. It also redresses any distress. This is possible because, when you reform, you renew.

5. Edutain
Edutainment wraps critical information with entertainment. It is a trojan horse strategy. It works because it gets the subject to switch off and relax. It is possible because, when you engage with pleasure, you can communicate the painful.

Next Step
Outline 3 of the above strategies you can start using today and leave me a comment of your favorite strategy.