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Stop Blaming the Stars

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Stop Blaming the Stars

StopDear Brutus,

That police teargassed children in Kenya?
Smoke is still on the streets of Paris
A monument stands in New York
Why all this hatred?

Why can’t we just get along?

Is the fault really in our stars?
Or buried in the lies we ourselves
That we are better than all others
That we eat pork and they eat porcupine

Why let these story epidemics ruin our civilization over and over…?

Like you, am a child of many civilizations,
Some from the South, some from the North
And yes, I do adore the East and West
For there is beauty in each and all

Why can’t we just say we are all beautiful?

You know, I come from place faraway, “Mbengseh”
Manufactured in the hinterlands of Cameroon
Packaged in the heartlands of Singapore
Delivered worldwide by DHL

Why must we be so blindly territorial?

I shall not try to be any anyone else
Nor paint you as vile and vain
For we ‘re all have barns of vanity
But in that vanity, there is beauty

Why can’t all the stars shine at the same time?

When you listen harder and look closer
You ‘d realize we are deeply fallible
We hide our scars with face powder
We sweat, we smell, we stink

That’s why we ‘re all mortals.

Don’t demean my siblings
Because of my personal flaws and failings
Just because I wear mascara to brighten my teary eyes
Does not mean am a masquerade or that my siblings are as silly as me
Why can’t we stop blaming the stars!