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Spot Before You Fight

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Spot Before You Fight

You can’t fight a fire until you see the seat of fire. Hmmm. This is some wisdom I had from fire school; way back.

Anyway, forget about fire school for now. Tomorrow, am co-facilitating a session on “Keeping Your Kids Safe Online: What Educators Must Know,” with Suzanne Anderson at the American Club in Singapore.

We have a fascinating mix of international school counselors coming in and hey, we are looking forward to working with them. It is our first collaboration beyond a successful showcase we did in February. One good turn deserves another, the Brits say.

Suzanne is a pro. Yes. She is a counselor. I have enjoyed working with her and she has tons of information to share with educators. On my part I, in the first segment, I will share with them my SPOT approach.

So what do I mean by Spot? It is a simple acronym that represents what you should do during prevention, ie before an incident breaks out.

S = single out the hots spots. In other words, what could go wrong? – sexting, geo-location services etc.

P= personal and public threats. Where do most of your students hangout online. What is unique about them?

O=offer a readiness roadmap to them and of course to yourself. What should be done when they are caught off guard online?

T=Tech-bridge. Every fire is different. It is thus imperative that you learn how to tell the difference between a serious and a non serious case. If you fail to do this, you fail to fight the fire well.

In my next write up, I will share about what you should do during your intervention phase of a cyber incident.