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Speaking on Social Media to ASTD Trainers

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Speaking on Social Media to ASTD Trainers

tomorrow, i will present a session on how to use social media to professional trainers and members of the sierra nevada astd group.

my focus will on sharing with them on how to use social media before, during and after a training program.

i intend to use a metaphor in which i will portray trainers as missionaries. both are educators. i share with them that social media is like a new language a or dialect that a missionary has to learn.

once learned, it can be used in engaging your audience. without that, you will be seen as too different. i have 10 vantage point that trainers can use to gain a competitive edge with social media.

here is an audio clip i am sending out to members to whet their appetite. if you are in our area, come join us there.

Social Media Presentation Invite to Trainers in ASTD Sierra Nevada Chapter