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Something-out-of-Nothing Concept

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Something-out-of-Nothing Concept

Something-Out-Of-Nothing is a fascinating idea.
What is the most precious gift someone can give you?
Is it money or an expensive vacation?

A lot of people will say they want a million dollars.
For some people, they ‘ll prefer love all else.
Lets be clear, I love all the things above but, ….

My most precious gift will be an idea!
You can turn an idea into anything your want.
It enables you to love, make more money.

Ideas form the basis of the Soon concept.
Something-Out-Of-Nothing philosophy
Skyscrapers, institutions, nations are born of ideas.

When used with care, ideas bind communities together.
The transcend cultures. Think of non-violence, occupy Wall Street
When used creatively, ideas can make the world to dance.

Ghandi used ideas to overcome a mighty empire,
Martin Luther used theological ideas to reform years of dogma
Lady Gaga uses ideas to make heads turn and look

What ideas are you working on today?
What will you bring to the market tomorrow?
With the right ideas, you can make Something-Out-Of-Nothing!