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Social Technographics Profile – Your Key to Social Media in Crisis

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Social Technographics Profile – Your Key to Social Media in Crisis

Have you heard about “Social Technographics Profile?”
It is a slice and dice approach to analysing your stakeholders;
coined by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff; co-authors of “Groundswell.”

The social technographics profile enables you to know how your stakeholders
participate on social media networking sites.
You can use this information as intelligence ie- “which dog is capable of barking or biting” you.

Every serious organisation needs to analyse their stakeholders’ technographics.
Based on your findings, you can ramp up your social media crisis readiness.
Without knowing how active or how dormant your stakeholders, you can’t face them in a crisis.

As a guage or indicator of the relative level of participation, you can predetermine
what needs to be done to engage or beef up your readiness for a crisis
This is a critical part of your social media strategy, without it, you are not ready to do battle.

Here are some key profiles and the kinds of activities that they are typically perform:
creators– publish blogs, upload videos, write articles and produce audios etc.
conversationalists– they update status on social networking sites or post updates on twitter.
critics– post ratings, reviews on products or services, comment on blogs or contribute to wikis.
collectors– use RSS feeds, add tags to web pages and photos.
Joiners– maintain profiles on social networking sites.
Spectators– read blogs, listen to podcast,watch video, read forums, read tweets.
Inactives– none of the above.

The more creators, critics and joiners you have, the more you need to find a way engage,
If you fail to engage or listen to what they are talking about, you digging yourself a ditch.
When a crisis arrives, they will make a fool of you inside a ditch.

There is a saying that if you can’t beat them, join them!
By joining them on social networking sites, you can listen to their frustrations,
Perhaps, you can find ways build goodwill with them; indeed they could become your advocates.

“When life hands you a setback, find a Springboard!” (Quoted)