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social media is a new elephant

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social media is a new elephant

one reluctant social media user once told me that social media is like a new elephant that can not be ignored in a large forest. upon hearing that, i thought about it for a while.

guess what? that guy was right. social media is like a large, fat elephant sitting at the back of the boardroom. it is looking restless and pacing up and down angrily.

it appears, this animal is looking to get some attention from anyone who is ignoring or overlooking its presence. omg! how are we going to tame this beast before the board meeting this afternoon?

we need an animal tamer to us out. before finding someone to tame it, we must first get a factfile of the beast to be sure we find the right person for this job.

fact file of new elephant


date of birth… around 1997

country of birth… usa

place of birth… silicon valley

parents…web 2.0

grand parents…  internet

aliases…. facebook, myspace, twitter, youtube, flickr