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Social Media Getting More Attention in EM Community

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Social Media Getting More Attention in EM Community

I am a little opinionated about this position. I am increasingly thinking that social media will increasingly take emergency management by storm. If you can imagine the power burrried in twiter, flickr and the others, you will realize that emergency management is bound to change.

Social Media Can Enhance Early Disaster Notification

Think about this: if one single tweet got over 10,000 people to protest in Molodva on April 8, 2009, then there is room that one single tweet can serve early notification to hundreds on you call tree. Think about that.

CDC is Talking Social Media

While browsing around, I found that the Center for Disease Control is talking about the power of social media in a serious way. They have a very interesting downloadable file on this: CDC downloadable file on Social Media


If FEMA is using social media to engage the community, then I presume there is a strong indication that other counties and cities will soon be adopting social media in their preparedness efforts. 

Check out this video from FEMA calling for citizens like you and me to contribute videos. 

FEMA video

Please, leave me a comment on what you think will be the future of emergency preparedness and social media. Will the two converge or diverge? Thanks for your comment.