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Singapore: From a Twisted Snail to a Flying Hummingbird

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Singapore: From a Twisted Snail to a Flying Hummingbird

In this short poem about Singapore ‘s Willpower and resiliency, I argue that she has self-tranformed from a snail, a swan to a flying humming bird.

Now she flies like a swan,
Was once a snail, coiled up.
Today, the envy of the trendy
Back then, scorned for her wooden tup.

Welcome to my Singapore. My Singapore?
Yes, my Singapore, I dare to say. And yes, with pride.
Was in the hinterlands of Africa, then repacked in Singapore
Now, scaling the currents of the Pacific and the Atlantic

What is a home?
Rome by any name will smell as sweet,
A kid with a funny name and a weird Bantu accent
Thick lips, canyon-deep eyes and a stout ebony frame

I am very sure Singapore was born a snail,
Confined confined to a thick shell
She grew up surrounded by water.
In the forbidding winds and waves of the South China Sea

First she crawled out of the shell,
Only to be swept by the currents of the sea
Lonely she stood,l
Undeterred, she said, “Nobody owes us a living,”

Then, she borrowed butterfly wings, then swan wings,
Caught in a brutal storm, she shed off her wings
Became nimble and simple readied self for intra-planetary flight as a hummingbird

Humming, she rakes in the miles.
She flies and flies, swings and swing, and flips and flips and sometimes,
She can flies forward and backward to retransform
Unlike other beasts, her heart (the size of an eraser) beats 615 times per minute!

Its expensive to fly, it fries your heart
Heat? Nay! It all in the mind, Willpower!
That ‘s how we Outperform mighty mammals cross-pollinating day and nite
While the hippos, lay sucking their thumb.

Ah shoot!