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Silence No More… Springboard e-Newsletter is On The Way

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Silence No More… Springboard e-Newsletter is On The Way


Have you ever felt, you needed a bit of time to put your thoughts together before saying a word? That is why I had gone mute. Don’t get mad, please.

I have not communicated with you in the past few months since I got to Singapore. I felt, I needed sometime to process my thoughts before engaging with you again.

Sometimes, we need to be silent to take stock of life. Did you miss my absence, the Springboard e-newsletter or any my well-documented goofiness?

My apologies. Am beginning to feel we should get talking again. Am delighted to share with you what I am learning on my journey. Asia is where the action is happening!

In the months ahead, my work will take me to Thailand, Hong Kong, China and India. Along the way, I will share some insights with you.

Delighted to report to you that I am charge of my company XtraMile Solutions 110% again. Have tried to clear other distractions so that we can up the ante.

Yep, some friends have accused me of living a nomadic life. Yes, I am guilty. Some have accused me of being a restless freak. Yes, I stand guilty.

My reply is simple- when you have gone from shoeless and clueless to mouthful and “shoecessful,” you can’t help but charge ahead so that you shine the torch for others.

See you in the next issue!