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Rave review by a past client, whom I coached in 2010 & 2011

Rave  Mentor’s Testimonial


Welcome to Signature Story Coaching Program!

Do you want to have a dynamic Signature Story that enables you to command attention,

open doors and magnetize opportunities you never thought possible across cultures and countries?


If your answer is “YES,” read on.

This programme enables you to accomplish three things:

  • Select an event with the potential to captivate your listener(s)
  • Craft a dynamic story that is remarkable and memorable
  • Get coached to deliver a story that wins hearts and minds



  • Guided-writing – 300 word signature story
  • Weekly Skype coaching
  • Critiqued story


Why You Should Choose Me?

I will offer you story techniques steeped in neuroscience and the best of today ‘s art.

These techniques have won my past students and me recognition and awards in Africa,

South East Asia and United States of America. Some could barely speak English! You could be the next.

Discover Your Signature Story Gem

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