Steal Their Breath Away With Your Signature Stories

How to Become a Remarkable Presenter, Best-Selling Author, Sought-after Speaker and Coach With Your Magnetic Signature Stories

ONE SKILL has opened more doors for me professionally than anything else that I‘ve studied in 21 years of rigorous formal education on 3 continents. This ONE Skill has enabled me to become a Best-Selling Author and story coach in the USA and Singapore. Thanks to this ONE SKILL, I‘ve been invited to speak in 18 countries worldwide, within spending a dime.


Best selling authors, speakers and coaches are known for their Signature Stories. Here is what nobody tells you: Not one of them was born a fascinating storyteller. They had to learn and master the craft of telling with pen, paper and prose.


Do you have a pen, paper and personal experiences from the laboratory of life? With that, you can craft fascinating signature stories to win the hearts and minds of your readers, customers and audiences.

Want to Steal Their Breath Away With Your Signatures Stories?

I know what you‘re thinking --- “I’m not a celebrity. Nothing special has ever happened to me. I don’t have any great stories to tell.”


Guess what? I ‘ve heard that several time before. I’ve seen that movie before.


Here is what I know to be true: With good sourcing, sorting and crafting, I can help you turn mundane personal experiences into extraordinary stories. It is an art and a science that I have studied obsessively for over 14 years.


The more I look around, the more I see emerging authors, speakers and coaches who are laughing all the way to the bank, thanks to their signature stories.


Don't get jealous! Get ready to craft and tell your own signature stories! It can be a lot easier than you think. It can change your life! It has changed mine! Do you want to laugh all the way to the bank?

Discover the Secrets of Signature Storytelling for Emerging Presenters, Authors & Speakers.

Within days, you could be on your way to mesmerizing your audiences. Within months, you could be on your way to being a sought-after author, speaker and coach in your field.


Start with your story! Your story is the most endearing way to win the hearts and minds of your readers. You’ll learn the tricks of the trade, the tools needed to pull their heartstrings and the techniques to take what you know and convert into a winning story or narrative.

Just Imagine Yourself as:

  • a best selling author; how will this impact your business?
  • a sought-after speaker with significant back of the room book sales
  • a sought-after coach with a massive online and offline following,
  • a household name with a devoted fan base of readers,
  • having thousands of Twitter followers, Facebook likes and LinkedIn connections
  • Earning standing ovations, generating massive buzz and hot leads at events,
  • ...And that's just for starters!

Sounds Too Good to Believe?
I’ll PROVE to You That Storytelling is the Invisible Glue – It Connects and Persuades

Here are Some Facts:

  • Latest neuroscience research indicates that storytelling is the most effective way to penetrate the mind;
  • My Story DNA Method has proven to be an indispensable tool for past students, and readers of the Science of Story Selling (Amazon Best Selling Book),
  • My past students have seen amazing growth in their businesses in Asia and America;
  • You'd discover how to apply elements of neuroscience in drafting and crafting your stories to emodutain ie endear, entertain and uplift with words;
  • I guarantee you'll be delighted when you invest in this program!

Some recent rock-stars from the Signature Storytelling Program:

  • A Taiwanese PhD student who could barely speak English, rose to the occasion during her dissertation defense and stole the breath away from her jury with her personal story. She ‘d come to me to find ways to embed her personal story into her research work to by-pass hostile and dogmatic judges.
  • A teenage girl spotting green, yellow and blue hair; she out spoke hundreds of competitors in a story slam competition and rose from an obscure city in Nevada to National finals in Washington DC. I spotted her potential from hundreds at the high school where I taught mathematics and public speaking.
  • A former juvenile offender in Singapore went from the jail house to out-speaking hundreds of highly talented MBA professionals to become a national level speaking champion. I coached him in a juvenile prison where I taught public speaking in 2005 & 2006.
  • A former professor who has become a rock-star professional speaker and best selling author; she ‘d come to me at the start of her journey to craft her very first her signature story. Today, her business has outgrown mine tenfold.
  • The next story could be yours... are you ready?

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Credit to them for unleashing the power of their stories to the world. I was only a story warrior, helping them to fight and win business battles with breathtaking stories.

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Try it for 30 Days and See your Results. If you are not 100% satisfied, you get a full refund. I am betting that you’ll be so blown away by the Secrets of Signature Storytelling Program that you’ll soon be writing to let me know how you stole away the breath of your audience.

What You Will Get

  • 10 videos outlining the process of sourcing, sorting, crafting and telling captivating stories
  • 5 Weeks of concentrated coaching, including latest research on story power
  • 5 coaching sessions by Skype dealing with Q & A from past students
  • Membership to a dedicated Facebook Storytelling group
  • 1 Weekly recorded group call to provide feedback
  • And there is more for you...

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Hollywood Storytelling Secrets for Business Professionals (worth $47).

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Storytelling Workbook for Emerging Authors, Speakers & Coaches (worth $88). Why? Because it is embarrassing and depressing to write a book that nobody cares about. Take a decisive step and change this in your life. That is what happened with my first book.

Bonus #3:

Secrets of Signature Storytelling Program has the potential to catapult your business to greater visibility and success in a highly crowded market. A great Signature Story is like Platinum Song that keeps winning more and more fans and awards. It keeps giving over and over again as your name and story become more contagious. Above all, it helps you to STAND OUT from the crowd (worth $1,499).

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Free Copy of The Science of Story Selling: How to Win the Hearts & Minds of Your Prospect for Profit and Purpose (an Amazon Best Seller, worth $20).

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Special Infographic that details 30 Amazing Story Ideas (worth $12).

Bonus #6:

Laser-focused Weekly Audio Messages on Story Crafting (worth $97).

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Get the Secrets of Signature Storytelling Program - 1 payment!

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See What Some Past Students Are Saying:

"Gideon is a wonderful storyteller and helped improve one of my signature stories. Specifically, he critiqued the original story, made suggestions following a process described in his book, observed me deliver the revised story at HR Summit 2015 and provided me with feedback. Thanks to Gideon, this signature story now has greater impact and resonates more strongly with my audiences than ever before!"

Tom Abbott
Founder and Director of 'The SOHO Solution

“Gideon's coaching has been very helpful in crafting my story. He asked questions that stimulate my thinking and challenge me to dive deeply into my emotions so that I can connect with my readers at a heart to heart level. He is also very patient in guiding me along whenever I am stuck with my story. I am grateful for Gideon coming along to help share my compelling story with the world!”

Moses Wong
Founder & Director Forex Business Services

"Gideon, you are by far the most captivating, engaging and mesmerizing story expert I have known. He knows how to analyze, synthesize and wrap a compelling story around a concept. As the Story Warrior in my reality game, The Awakening of Heroes, I have adopted many of his narrative ideas and strategies."

Anm Pek
Best Selling Author & Founding Director, Storiezing

"Storytelling is my secret weapon in my Facebook postings. I try to be authentic, vulnerable, and to share fragments of my story. I believe my message resonates with the readers. That’s why I follow Gideon ’s storytelling work with keen interest."

Sam Choo
Founder of Singapore ‘s Largest Internet Community

"Gideon is one of the leading authorities in storytelling for business. He breaks down the Art of Storytelling into a Science which a keen salesperson or business owner can master and apply to close deals. Thank you Mr. G "

Mohd Affendy
Director, Upgrade Ptd Ltd

"Gideon, I've found your style of business storytelling very structured and yet detailed. It is direct and interesting. Lately, telling my story to my clients has become a lot easier. Having worked with many other instructors and gurus, I still find your strategies and techniques easy of use, especially to me as a busy business owner. I must say your approach has tripled my ability to generate new leads during showcases. Keep sharing your strategies and techniques with all the business owners!”

Alex Choy
Director, Menu Pte Ltd

“Gideon is a passionate and very methodical storytelling coach. He is simplistic, yet a very sophisticated coach. His experiences from AIESEC, Toastmasters International, his former para-military life and most importantly his personal insights from many countries and cultures set him apart. It is no accident that his story telling book is a #1 Amazon best seller.”

Samuel Ticha
Director, Mindful Lead

Secrets of Signature Storytelling will be delivered weekly for 5 consecutive weeks;
2 videos per week. You end up with one powerful signature story you can use in your book, speech and marketing collateral.


Remember it is 100% guaranteed.


Sincerely yours,

Gideon F. For-mukwai,
Story Warrior & Best Selling Author, The Science of Story Selling


P.S. Many professionals have paid tenfold to benefit from my past storytelling programs in Kansas City, Baltimore, Orlando, Reno, Toronto, Phoenix, and several parts of Asia. Now, it is your turn a fraction of the price. You have nothing to lose but to become a better storyteller and potentially a best selling author, a sought-after speaker with stories to steal away their breath with your business stories.

About the Instructor - Gideon F. For-mukwai

Genius, they say, is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Are you looking to work with a story coach who has been in the trenches? Someone who knows what it means to come short over and over; and yet never flinches from stomping forward in the jungle of life?

Well, I consider myself a story warrior. When you want to generate buzz, amplify your brand message with magnetic mission stories, I am the guy you want to have in your corner. I specialize in helping heart-centered authors, speakers and coaches in staging business breakthroughs with breathtaking signature stories.

In the last 13 years, I ‘ve won dozens of story competitions in Africa, Asia and America, as an underdog with a weird name and goofy accent. In all humility, if I can do it, I believe I can help you do it much better than me.

Write Your Signature Stories!

Become a Best Selling Author, Sought-after Speaker and Coach With Your Magnetic Signature Stories

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