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Road to Ready Show Rides on Edutainment

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Road to Ready Show Rides on Edutainment

Featured Emergency Manager

It is about time emergency managers make emergency preparedness fun and educational enough to inform, teach and tickle the funny bone. Rick Tobin, the producer of Internet radio show ‘The Road to Ready,” has been doing a fun and lively emergency preparedness program that serves slices of information and humor for years.

Founder, TAO Emergency Consulting
Founder, TAO Emergency Consulting

For years, listeners have been drawn to Mr. Tobin ‘s style of emergency preparedness edutainment served with comic relief. Making information fun and lively made a significant difference and the show covered topics that had an impact on the lives of everyday people and corporations.

In his weekly radio show out of San Antonio, Texas, Mr. Tobin reminds his audiences of the threats facing large sections of the population. To drive the point home, he relates the issues to individuals, corporations and communities. At the end of every show, he makes a call to action.

In the past, he has tackled issues like evacuations, church disaster planning, hurricane planning and family emergency preparedness to name a few.

Looking into the future, Mr. Tobin foresees increasing use of social media like Facebook and Twitter and more. He however thinks that social media tools are largely untested.

As disasters become more challenging, people will increasingly need to glue together through networking and collaboration for readiness. Social media will hopefully facilitate that conversation.

Over the years, Mr. Tobin has worked as a consultant for government, businesses and communities in California, Nevada and Texas. His company, TAO Emergency Consulting was founded in 1987.

Mr Tobin says he is driven by his primary desire to preserve life through effective preparedness. Though he is concerned about the future of his radio show due to faltering sponsorships, he is convinced he will continue to lead TAO Emergency Consulting.