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Reno Firefighters Will Keep Their Jobs

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Reno Firefighters Will Keep Their Jobs

ff-in-actionLate this evening, Reno firefighters worked a deal with the City of Reno to keep their jobs and have a freeze on two pay raises.

The deal comes against a backdrop of intense negotiations, after the city had served notices to the public safety officers that their jobs were on the line.

The Reno Gazette Journal carries the story this evening indicating that Brad Jensen, president of the local 731 International Association of Fire Fighters and Mayor Bob Cashell of the City of Reno brought the news to the relieve of several family members who had been troubled by the consequences of the layoffs.

Both sides had gone through a tough day of negotiations in which the senior management of the city met with family members of the firefighters. In the course of the day, there was no sign that the deal was going to go through, but it did.

We believe this is a good decision for everyone in the Biggest Little City in the World. It was a conciliatory deal. The public will be safer, the firefighters get to keep their jobs and the City of Reno gets to be able to control cost in a time of economic slow down. 

Hail this deal. Hail public safety in our city. If you share this view with me, leave a comment on what you think about this development.

Gideon F. For-mukwai

Crisis/Emergency Blogger, Reno, Nevada