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Presenters: Tear Down This Wall of Separation

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Presenters: Tear Down This Wall of Separation

Very often I wrestle with this question—

Should I use PowerPoint or thoughtful story that makes a point?

PowerPoint looks cool, but at what price?
It can be a distraction; and less of any clarification,

But somehow I always end up using it.
It begs the question why?

Is it because everyone is using it?
Perhaps, I want to come across as cool as everyone else.

The more I learn from very informed communicators,
The more I see we short-change ourselves with PowerPoint!

The PowerPoint slides become the fourth wall
It milks away all the oxygen you need to come alive!

And you are left standing there like a zombie
Pacing around the stage like a chimp in cage

How tragic!

Next time you present, stop and think
If PowerPoint is not going to increase your connection,
Drop it!

If you choose to tell a story, get up close
Talk with them, not at them and not through the slides.

Share an idea, a story and make a point.
That is why I think it is time to tear down this fourth wall!
And just be human again!
Here is one Robert McKee, the guru screenwriting instructor says.