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Preparing for the Summer Heat Waves

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Preparing for the Summer Heat Waves

Summer is here and it is very likely that we may see heat waves here on the West Coast as often before. What are you doing to prepare so that you and your loved ones will be save?

Symptoms and First Aid

Usually a first degree burn that involves the outer surface of the skin. If it become sevrere, you may have blisters or pain.

First Aid:

Use ointments as well as cool baths. Avoid breaking the blisters. Remember to drinks lots of water.

Heat Cramps:

These are associated to dehydration and the symptoms may include increased sweating, spasms of arms and the abdomen.

First Aid:

Remove the victim from an environment that is hot. Also apply gentle massage to relieve any spasms.

Heat Exhaustion:

This happens when a body is unable to sweat enough to cool down itself. Its symptoms are: fatigue, dizziness, body weakness, vomiting and so on. 

First Aid:

Lay victim down and remove any clothing that is tight, and replace with loose-fitting clothing. Consult with a doctor if the situation does not improve.


It happens when the body stops sweating, but the body temperature continues to rise or increase. The symptoms may include headaches, confusion, nausea or delirium.

First Aid:

Remove clothing and replace with loose-fitting clothing. Place the victim in a cool area and get medical help immediately.

Adapted from Emergency Survival Program (ESP)

By Gideon F. For-mukwai, CEM

Emergency Management Blogger/New Media Facilitator

Reno- Nevada