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PowerPoint vs Story-point- Which is Better?

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PowerPoint vs Story-point- Which is Better?

This is a tale of two presenters

Pitching at a product launch in KL, Malaysia

Welcome to Petaling Street Jalan Satu, Dua, Tiga, Ampat, …:-)

Presenter “satu” is a geeky cool Dude
Sharp, savvy and trendy

Presenter “dua” is a 40+ “Dato”
Simple, warm and cordial

Dude is a PowerPoint geek
The Dato is a Story-point guy

Our Dude dives straight into the product
Dato talks first about the people behind it

Sooner than later, Dude ’s audience drowns in the details
Deep, submerged and choking, they splutter and sputter

Poor Dude is not at ease, he calls for a lifeline
His lifeline arrives with no boat, no rope and no hope

Oh no! His audience gets testy, wimpy and rowdy
Dude runs for cover, deep-down in dark basement 3, :-)

Dato on his part is cordial around a table with all
No PowerPoint, just his StoryPoint

He talks about the founder and the business
Then product and how its changing lives

Dato connects before he conveys
Audiences love to lick before they sip


Don’t let your details drown them, let your stories crown ‘em
Remember your facts tell, but its your stories sell

You choose – PowerPoint or StoryPoint