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Power Outage Raises Questions About Campus Readiness

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Power Outage Raises Questions About Campus Readiness

transformer-fireThe entire campus of the University of Nevada, Reno suffered a massive power outage that crippled late evening classes around 6pm PST on 090909.

Firefighters from a local fire who responded to incident to assist in evacuation indicated that an off campus transformer had blown off.

The incident raised serious questions about campus safety and readiness at the University of Nevada, Reno in time of a crisis. It is hard not to ask questions about the way the situation was handled in a number of areas:

  • Is there any back up generator at UNR and for how long can it operate?
  • Why were some facilities like College of Education evacuated while others like Frandsen Building was ignored?
  • Are there any marshals to help in times of an emergency evacuation?
  • Why did the university web page not carry any information about the incident for several hours even up to 4AM?
  • Why did authorities not communicate with students to rectify rumors like the cancellation of classes?
  • In the absence of emergency power, what happens to chemical laboratories that require specific temperatures for handling of some specimens?
  • Who was in charge of the emergency at UNR and who is the emergency manager responsible for campus readiness?

The incident has been generating a lot of talk o campus about campus safety and security.

Gideon F. For-mukwai, CEM

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