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Persuasion Master at Work – The Ex-Convict

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Persuasion Master at Work – The Ex-Convict

While sipping a grande frapucino at Citilink yesterday, a guy walked up to us with a bundle of key holders and torch lights neatly packed to a handheld board. He sneaked in and politely interrupted our conversation. He was remarkable. I mean he had tattoos all over his body. His entire real estate was full of graffiti! Phew!

Without hesitation he said: “Hi, I am an ex convict. Nobody would give me job, so am doing this to make a living.”
I was still thinking about what to say when, he cut in and said,
“Look! Here is a picture of me and my bride. Now, we have a young daughter in school. I really need to support her.”

His wedding picture, and photo of his daughter melted the mountain of resistance or hesitation I was about to unleash. Just in time, my business partner said to me,
“How about we share the cost of 1 item?”
I said, “Sure, lets do it.”

Then, I handed the ex-con a $10 bill.
He muttered and was off in less than a second.
Waoh, the power of persuasion! I had no idea I had a $10 waiting to give away.


Photo credit: Straits Times