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Preparedness is Your Lifeline in 2010

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Preparedness is Your Lifeline in 2010

Our ideas, thoughts and views shared in 2010 on this emergency and crisis preparedness blog will be based on the theme: Preparedness is your Lifeline.

So what do I mean by Preparedness is your lifeline?

To explain this, I am reminded of an expedition, I once undertook with my fellow colleague at the Civil Defence Academy in Singapore back in 2000/2001. Back then, I was not a swimmer. However, during the course of the 9-months Basic Officers Course, I learned to be a swimmer- the hard way.

Part of our training involved a two week outward bound segment in which we had to learn to become men from boys. During that segment, we were out in the jungle. A large portion of that was spent kayaking round Singapore on the South China Sea. As a non-swimmer we had to take a capsize drill. Guess who had to pay the most attention during that drill? ME!

I was aware of the fact that I could not swim and thus, I had to tune in at my best to learn how to survive in case the sea became brutal. You can bet the sea was. During the course of kayaking across a busy fairway, our kayak capsized.  That was a true test of preparedness.

Given the fact that I had learned how to grab my paddle and kayak, how to make a swift turn and how to execute a jump, I did manage twice to get back into the kayak. Was there a struggle? You bet there was. Was I terrified and petrified?  You bet!

Long story  short- the learning of the capsize drill, the confidence, the skill and the awareness saved me. It was not my kayak buddy Hafiz who saved me. Sure he did. What made a big difference is the fact that I was informed, I had the basic skill and confidence needed in facing up to the challenge.

In 2010, if you want to be prepared for any disruptions, I urge you to prepare in four areas:

  • Know your risks and the risk facing your business
  • Develop the skills needed to face the risks
  • Develop the confidence by doing it (testing) prior to the incident
  • Communicate your your new state of readiness with those who matter to you (stakeholders)

At XtraMile, I will help you with the following areas of focus in 2010:


By this I mean basic workplace safety, first aid and CPR training. The focus of our programs is in helping you recognize all the blind spots in safety and avert any looming disruptions.


In this area, I will help your organization learn lessons from from other organizations that thrived during and the after disasters. There is a lot that can be learned from their organization culture, the role of HR, Safety Managers and personnel.

Our programs will help the individuals and teams in your organizations to be able to turn setbacks into comebacks. You are only as good as your weakest link. Thus, it pays to prepare both the vantage and at-risk population to be transformative agents of preparedness.