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Must Stories be Told in an Animated Way?

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Must Stories be Told in an Animated Way?

Question No 7:
There are perhaps 3 ways to look at this question: animated, zero-animated and moderately animated way of delivery. I like to examine each of them and let you make your choice. Before exploring each, it is worthwhile mentioning that the degree of animation, may also depend on the purpose and audience.


The Case for Animated Delivery
Story tellers who are very animated tend to use a lot of physicality in their delivery. Others may use a lot of props in combination with body language to get their message across. Three famous celebrities who use this type of delivery often: Robin William, Jim Carrey and Antony Robins.


The Case for Zero-Animation
There is hardly any famous actor or speaker that uses zero-animation in a perfect sense of this. Perhaps the the closest examples are Mother Terasa, Delai Lama and Pope Benedict XVI. It maybe unfair to include the Dalai Lama ’s name because he often bows a lot and uses facial expressions in telling.


The Case for Moderate Animation
Moderate use of animations in story telling implies that animations are used when required and not used when there is no need. The vast majority of story tellers fall in this category. Prominent examples could be Whoppi Goldberg, Michelle Yeow and Jackie Chan.


No style is perfect. It depends on the story teller ’s personality and the audience. Some story tellers are physical when telling to kids. Other only use animations to make their points clearer and more effective.


Thus, in essence, I believe it is better for the individual to go with what suits their personality. That way the delivery will be smooth. Each style offers something unique and I belief each story teller can benefit from picking up tools from the other style.