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Mine Your Keystone Habits

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Mine Your Keystone Habits

“No coffee!!??? I will die….”, commented one of my friends on Facebook.

He was not alone. Many other friends offered similar reactions to my post that I had clocked 7 days without coffee. At last count, I had 20 comments and 30 + likes! Waoh!

I seldom get 10 likes for a well-researched high content article on Facebook. What was behind these strong sentiments and views? We take our routines and habits seriously… a little too far.

Slay the Dragon
Slaying the coffee dragon. Can you slay your coffee dragon (addiction? Since July 1st, 2013, I have been slaying my coffee monster, just like I did the alcohol devil in January.

It all started with a desperate desire! I wanted my 6-pack back! Just like I did when I was a firefighter. I could not stand my bulging stomach; my special gift from USA

Upon getting back to Singapore, I started working out regularly. Each day, I ended with 100 sit-ups after 40 minutes run. A slow jog. By Nov 2012, I had done over 34,500 sit-ups!

That was way before I read, “Willpower” by Roy Baumeister. Mr Baumeister said, willpower could be enhanced in the long term through exercise. You can boost it short-term by eating or sleeping.

Since the start of 2013, I ‘ve been looking for new areas to test out my new conquest. I tried daily noon reflection. I failed. E-zine? Opps! Failed. Coffee? Well, its now 15 days, I ‘ve fallen, once.

So What is a Keystone Habit?
It is a habit that once formed can easily lead to the formation of other good habits. It’s a cornerstone. Once created and sustained, it gives you momentum like reading, regular exercise.

A keystone habit must create what is called “small wins.” It yields small victories such as, “ I don’t check my Facebook, until after 5pm daily.” Small wins should ideally have rewards.

Critical Elements of a Keystone Habit:
– specific
– very clear
– observable
– ripple effect
– consequential
– cue and reward

If you want to overcome some personal failings, start new a new keystone habit. Such habits must have a cue and reward. When you rein in bad habits, you reign in new success limits!

Way to go:
– start today, spend 10 minutes less watching Tv
– limit facebook to after 11pm
– omit your desert
– go for a 30 mins walk daily
– commit to eating an apple a day

Today, you must reign in good habits, so you can mine your keystone habits tomorrow.