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March on Like Minutemen

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March on Like Minutemen

William Diamond Jr. Fife & Drum CorpsLet me tell you about my friend Edith.

She is currently visiting London with her son Emmanuel.

So you may ask, why should I care about Edith?


Well, she is a terrific mother; and a sought-after mother of a teen boy!


Edith has one other amazing quality,

I can’t wait to share with you

Read on…


BTW, did I say her son Emmanuel is my friend?

Oh yes; and I look up to him;

He is only 14!


Unlike other 14 year olds who ‘re steeped in drama,

He is the coolest guy in Lexington,

Every family wants him over.


Because they know

His presence is a calming and soothing influence

On his peers, I mean the drama queens & kings in early teens


Emmanuel is also a very talented drummer!

He plays with the William Diamond Fife and Junior Drum Corps,

A 17 Cen corps that mustered the Minutemen at the dawn of the American revolt


The young Diamonds are currently on tour of London, England

With a hectic schedule at historic English places

Some parents have given up!


Not Edith!

She ‘s on board carrying bags, cleaning, packing, and running errands

Lately she ’s been exhausted from the spell of London’s notorious weather


“Sometimes, it is wet, windy, rainy, sunny and stormy all at once,” she lamented.

“Why don’t you take a day off since the kids have enough supervision?” I asked.

“A day-off? No. We ‘re marching on!” she fired back candidly.


Edith ’s candor reminds me of William Diamond ‘s Drum Corps

He is the man who mustered all the militia men of Lexington face the British army

At the request of Capt John Parker. If they ‘d not marched and defied the Brits


America as we know it might have been another place, by another name!


I believe we all need the “We ‘re marching on mindset”

It is comes from a place of courage and candour

For life after all is a series of battles


Like Edith, may I say,

Let “March-on” — with this mantle

It is the mindset of achievers, winners and revolutionaries