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Mandatory Emergency Program Audits

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Mandatory Emergency Program Audits

What if the law makes emergency program audits to become mandatory?

Will that increase the health of communities and corporations or not?

It is my firm believe that if emergency programs get audited every year by certified emergency managers, it will very likely improve the well-being of our communities. If we had strict mandatory audits, New Orleans would have been forced to comply and Katrina would have been a non-event.

We can not under estimate the importance of mandatory accounting audits on the financial well-being of banks (with the exception of the current mess) on the economy. Without audits, many malpractices would much longer to be discovered.

The same thing applies to emergency management. The fact that we do not yet have strict mandatory audits in most areas is causing some ill-preparedness to be covered up because there is nobody to shine the light on these issues.

It is high time to start pushing for mandatory audits of emergency programs to make our communities and corporations safer.

Preparedness is the Path to Readiness